Creative & Expressive Art Therapy Adelaide

Creative & Expressive Art Therapy

Creative and Expressive Art Therapy combines expressive and creative arts with counselling, psychology or psychotherapeutic practice. This includes creative and expressive arts such as drawing, painting, clay work, sound and music, dance, movement, psychodrama, storytelling and narrative, writing, poetry and sandplay. It is a creative and expressive therapeutic process for the specific purpose of providing healing for the individual, facilitated by a highly qualified professional practitioner.

Creative and Expressive Art Therapy is an effective and powerful way of bringing about healing for emotional, mental and physical well-being, where verbal communication is not always desirable, appropriate or practical. Art is a common language which often expresses a much broader and deeper sense of personal meaning than just talking or words alone. It is a form of non-verbal expression which works for adults and children alike.

People do not need to possess great artistic ability, be experienced or even familiar with the arts. Art Therapy works with what emerges in people, and the insights and meanings they discover from it, for their own health and wellbeing. It is about the process or journey toward self-awareness, though development of creative and artistic abilities may naturally follow.

Creative and Expressive Art Therapy is available for help with mental health and wellbeing or illness, trauma, grief and loss, children and families, relationships, mood and personality disorders, disability and palliative therapy, dementia, cognitive and behavioural patterns, anger, violence and abuse, resilience and coping skills, life transitions, self-worth and empowerment, personal growth and development, self-actualisation, creativity and expression, transpersonal experiences, spiritual crisis and emergence, social and ecological issues, education and more. Art Therapy is a widely respected, evidence-based, well-proven and effective approach to healing.

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Individual Art Therapy sessions and Group Workshops are offered for adults and children. See Courses and Events page. For inquiries, bookings and further information, please feel welcome to send an email to, or contact 0449 982 264.