Holistic Professional Counselling Northern Adelaide

Holistic Professional Counselling

Holistic Professional Counselling is person-centred and treats the whole person, including their emotional, psychological, biological and spiritual self or psyche. It draws upon a range of psychological and psychotherapeutic techniques which are applied by a highly-qualified professional practitioner, to provide clients with effective relief and ease from suffering, to heal, and to form new patterns of wellness, health and balance in their lives. Counselling may involve listening, talking, self-awareness and mindfulness practices to help people move toward self-realisation, self-healing and healing in relationships.

People usually seek Counselling for issues, matters and conditions which are deeply worrying, concerning, unhealthy and causing problems for them in their own lives, and often in the lives of others. Some people seek Counselling for personal growth and general wellbeing, or to help people resolve issues, develop, make progress and gain positive outcomes for their problems or concerns, so that they can enjoy an improved quality of life.

It is therapeutic and beneficial to have the support of someone who is able to provide deep listening and offer skills, tools and strategies to encourage improved ways of thinking, feeling, living, behaving and communicating in the world. Holistic Professional Counselling provides a compassionate, accepting and non-judgement way of exploring matters which you may not feel comfortable sharing with others. It takes place in a safe, trusted, confidential and supportive environment.

Holistic Professional Counselling is available to help with general wellbeing, mental health or illness, trauma, grief and loss, children and families, relationships, mood and personality disorders, disability and palliative therapy, dementia, cognitive and behavioural patterns, anger, violence and abuse, resilience and coping skills, life transitions, self-worth and empowerment, personal growth and development, self-actualisation, creativity and expression, transpersonal experiences, spiritual crisis and emergence, social and ecological issues, education and more.

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Individual adults, young people, children’s and couple’s Counselling sessions are offered.

ONLINE COUNSELLING sessions via SKYPE are also available for your convenience.

For inquiries, bookings and further information, please feel welcome to send an email to moniquemeredith@outlook.com, or contact 0449 982 264.