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Sandplay Therapy & Symbols Work

Sandplay Therapy and Symbols Work is a form of non-verbal expressive therapy where thoughts, emotions and experiences can be explored with symbols in a Sand Tray. It is an expressive and creative way for people to tell their stories, safely externalise experiences, and bridge people’s inner and outer worlds. There is strongly researched evidence for the effectiveness of Sandplay Therapy, including for mental health and illness, trauma and crises, and behavioural difficulties.

Sandplay Therapy and Symbols Work is effective for children, adolescents, adults and couples. It also works for adults and children together or in family relationships. There are a number of stages to the process and adults, adolescents and children will experience different responses during these stages. There are also many different approaches which therapists will utilise with people according to their needs.

Sandplay Therapy and Symbols Work is visual, sensory and kinaesthetic, working with the deeper psyche for powerful and effective results. It does not require verbal conversation if a person is not comfortable with talking. It does not require specific skills, and allows a person to discover their own natural abilities and inner resources which enable them to move toward awareness, wholeness and healing. Talking together before or after the session is welcome, but there is silence during the activity to allow for the client’s process.

Sandplay Therapy and Symbols Work is available for help with mental health and wellbeing or illness, trauma, grief and loss, children and families, relationships, mood and personality disorders, disability and palliative therapy, dementia, cognitive and behavioural patterns, anger, violence and abuse, resilience and coping skills, life transitions, self-worth and empowerment, personal growth and development, self-actualisation, creativity and expression, transpersonal experiences, spiritual crisis and emergence, social and ecological issues, education and more.

Individuals’, couples’ and children’s Sandplay Therapy sessions and Group Workshops are offered. See Courses and Events page. For inquiries, bookings and further information, please feel welcome to send an email to, or contact 0449 982 264.

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