Sound Therapy, Sound Baths & Meditations Northern Adelaide

Sound Therapy, Sound Baths & Meditations

Sound Therapy applied as integral sound healing, is an integrated approach to treatment for physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. This may be for relaxation, acute ailments or chronic illness. It does not seek to cure illness, although it often does so, but to help provide healing for those experiencing dis-eased conditions of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Taking an integrated approach to Sound Therapy means that it works within all aspects of the physical and psychic bodies of a person. Integral sound healing consists of evidence-based modern science, ancient wisdom and the art of medicine.

Sound, vibration and frequency have great ability and power to affect illness and healing in people, animals and our environments. Sound provokes both positive and negative responses in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves, which we may carry over from associations with the past and which may influence our future experiences and interactions. Sound Therapy can directly or indirectly affect thought patterns, moods and behaviours over immediate and longer periods of time. It also creates change on unconscious and subconscious levels.

In Sound Therapy, Sound Baths and Meditations, the practitioner’s therapeutic skills and knowledge will be applied in working with a range of sound and musical instruments such as Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Drums, Gongs, Wind and Stringed instruments, Percussion and the Voice to facilitate effective healing outcomes with clients. When working with this alongside mindfulness practices, massage, mind-body and energy medicine, Sound Therapy, Sound Baths and Meditations are not only for pure enjoyment and relaxation, but powerful tools for healing and transformation.

Sound Therapy, Sound Baths and Meditations are available for help with a range of issues and conditions including acute and chronic physical ailments, relief from pain, improving immunity, increasing energy levels, forming improved sleep patterns, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, releasing repressed emotion, recovery from trauma, enhancing mental clarity, creating balance and harmony, and forming new patterns of wellness.

sound therapy and sound baths northern adelaide

Individual Sound Therapy treatments, Group Sound Baths and Meditations, Workshops and Professional Training courses are offered for adults and children. See Courses and Events page. For inquiries, bookings and further information, please feel welcome to send an email to, or contact 0449 982 264.